Rent your land and earn steady income for decades

NextGrid pays property owners to host a solar farm. Earn income with no money down.

We Buy and Lease Land to Host Solar

NextGrid works directly with real estate owners to purchase or lease land to host solar farms, including developable land parcels, commercial rooftops, and large parking lots. Property owners are paid to lease their property to NextGrid or sell for cash — often above market value. We are even able to work with difficult to develop land such as Brownfields, Landfills, and land on or adjacent to coal plant and mine closures.

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Our Agreements with Landowners
Option to Purchase

We buy land from landowners with an Option to Purchase Agreement. This agreement begins with an Option period. During the Option period, the landowner is paid a negotiated option fee and may still use their land while we conduct feasibility studies, obtain interconnection and power purchase agreements, and acquire local permits. Once we secure all of our necessary documentation, we exercise our Purchase Option, close on the land and pay the landowner in full.

Lease Agreement

We enter Lease Agreements with landowners interested in long term income while retaining ownership of their land. Lease Agreements begin with an Option period. During the Option period, the landowner is paid a negotiated rent and may still use their land. Meanwhile, we conduct feasibility studies, obtain interconnection and power purchase agreements, and acquire local permits. Once we secure all necessary documentation for a solar farm, we transfer into the full terms of the lease.

Our Process with Landowners
1. Locate Property

We locate properties that we assess to possess strong potential to host renewable power. We contact the owners, or sometimes they contact us. We quickly diligence each site and offer a Lease or Option to Purchase Agreement for the most promising sites.

2. Site Host Agreement

We negotiate and execute a Lease or an Option to Purchase Agreement with a landowner. Every site and owner are different, so we work with each property owner to meet his or her specific needs.

3. Development

Landowners collect Rent or Option payments and continue to use their land until construction. NextGrid works to bring a solar project to life: we manage environmental studies, design the system, secure permits, execute agreements and ultimately construct the project.

4. Operation

Once constructed, a solar farm generates power for 20-40 years. The farm is low maintenance, quiet and works every day that the sun shines. NextGrid keeps the grounds landscaped, and pays rent to lessors.

Our Ideal Property

A short list of things we look for when securing a host site:

  1. Limited wetlands
  2. No endangered species
  3. Nearby access to the grid (3-phase Utility wire at the street)
  4. Relatively flat and south-facing
  5. 10 to 25 acres* of developable land
  6. We also lease large commercial rooftops
  7. Landfill or Brownfield

*Larger sizes are possible but present unique challenges. If you own 80 acres or more that is located on or near a transmission line, we may be able to develop a larger project on your land, and we want to hear from you.

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Why Landowners Choose NextGrid
Zero Risk

NextGrid pays for and manages everything—from lease and rent payments, to development and construction. Property owners turn their land into income at no cost.

Steady Income

Lease payments are made every month for 20 years. We pay the rent with the solar farm we operate onsite.


NextGrid is a US based renewable power company with years of experience working alongside hundreds of landowners successfully operating solar power plants.

Increased Property Value

Generating solar power is often the highest and best use for the landowners with whom we work. Our Lease and Purchase rates are often above market.

Join The Fight

By partnering with NextGrid to develop renewable energy on a property, landowners directly join the fight against climate change. We couldn't deploy renewable power without them.

It's What We Do Best

Distributed energy is what we do and we're good at it. We meet the majority of our landowners through referrals. People say our transparency in communication is refreshing.

Secure your land for future generations A solar lease can make your land profitable for 20 years or more, securing it for future generations. After the lease, your land is returned to its previous condition.
Commonly Asked Questions
  • We want to build and operate renewable energy in the US. We are searching for property in the state that is suitable for our solar farms. We partner with land and rooftop owners interested in our mission and income hosting renewable energy.

    To landowners, we offer an Option To Purchase or a Lease contract. For commercial rooftop owners, we offer a Lease contract. Together these are known as site host agreements.

    An executed site host agreement with a property owner is the first of a series of steps to successfully build a solar farm. From there we manage the work and fund the process to design, develop and construct a solar farm on the site.
  • We've seen it take 6 to 36 months from the day we sign a site host agreement to the end of construction. The range is wide because every farm is different and the timeline is often dictated by steps outside of our control. These include regulatory approvals with the state, permission to connect with the utility, and securing necessary permits. We manage and fund the entire process. We move as fast as we can and keep landowners updated throughout.

    We ask for a paid 36-month Option period in all Lease and Option to Purchase Agreements. During this Option period, we work through the process to attempt to clear environmental studies, design the solar farm, secure all necessary contracts and permits. Landowners enjoy full access to their property, provided they do not build on the site or enter into a conflicting development agreement.

  • Not all land and rooftops are suitable for a solar farm. We study factors like how much sun hits the site, how much it will cost to get the power on the grid, and if the local community welcomes renewable energy. In technical terms—we look for a site that is situated close to existing grid infrastructure, relatively flat or south-facing, with zoning that doesn’t preclude solar. We can quickly determine if your site is a candidate with a short conversation.

    We only sign Option or Lease agreements for properties that pass initial analysis and we believe are good candidates. We put work and cash into each site we develop, so we have skin in the game when we partner with landowners. But—good potential and incentives aren't enough sometimes. We learn things in the development period from time to time that turn a site with good potential unviable. This means that not all sites are constructed.
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    We pay for any property tax increases that result from our solar farms for property owners.
  • After the term of the lease, we can renegotiate a new lease to continue to operate the farm, or remove the system and restore your property to it's previous condition. This includes restoration of native vegetation and restoration of rooftops.
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    Let's start with a conversation about your property. You may email or message us below. Helpful things to include are your name, parcel address/coordinates, a phone number, the best time to call. We look forward to hearing from you and joining us in an energy self-sufficient America.
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